Sunday, October 10, 2010

Swatch Time!

This past week I did my nail wheels over again because my old ones were not very organized and when I wanted to do a comparisons it was hard because they weren't on the same nail wheel like they should be.
I wanted to compare OPI Unripened and Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite (this 2 name thing is very annoying!). I had seen a swatch of Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite at Dollface's blog  which was my 1st follower yay Thanks Dollface your a doll lol!! OK back to business the swatch looked really similar to OPI Unripened which I loved but hated that it only came in a mini bottle so I thought I could just go buy the sinful colors version instead of buying the full size promotional bottle for 7x the price. So here's the swatch (by the way taking pictures that show that real color of the polish is extremely hard)


#1 OPI Unripened
#2 Lippmann collection Bad Romance
#3 Sinful colors What's your name/Love bite
# Sinful Colors Secret Admirer/Full moon

As you can see Unripened has alot more teal shimmer then Sinful colors does but it still a dupe. I am not going to buy the promotional bottle instead I might buy some teal glitter and mix it in to the sinful color polish if that doesn't work out Thanks to Dollface's swatches I might even buy China Glaze Blk-Bila-Bong. 


  1. I looooove Bad Romance! It's so stunning <3 Btw, I'm your 5th follower, haha! ^^
    And may I give you a small tip? Maybe you can add some more pictures so we can take a closer look to all this prettiness :)

  2. Thank you for being my 5th follower!! I will im jus getting use to taking pictures of nail polishes. Its kinda hard to get the pictures to capture the actual color or glitter of the polish. BUT THANKS i love tips!