Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cosmar Quick Nails.

This past week I wanted to try something new and recently alot of my nails broke so Ive had to deal with extremely short nails. I decide to try a brush-on gel nail system. I went to my local drug store and found Cosmar Quick Nails brush-on gel nails. This set is very easy to use and come with everything that you need.

This is what the set looks like. It comes with
 * Tips (many different sizes) squared
* Glue
* The gel
 *The activator
* A small nail buffer
*Brush cleaner  

I also bought these tip because I like the rounded tip better.

This was very easy to do!
First step: Make sure your nails are clean, buff the nail a little bit with the softer side of the buffer. Then match up your nails to the tips make sure they fit right. Do NOT I mean Do NOT remove the tips off the wheel before they are glued on. They are easier to handle if they are on the wheel.

Second step: Glue tips onto nails, remove the tips from wheel in twisting motion. Place the tips as best you can to have them all be the same length. Take your buffer and file done the tiny tab where it was attached to the wheel. Now here come the hardest part of this very easy brush-on nails, Take your buffer and buff down the smile line. Try not to buff your nail and get it as smooth as possible.

Last step: Take the brush in the brush cleaner and dip it in the gel and brush on the gel on to your nail like you would with a nail polish. While the gel is still wet brush on the activator. Make sure you are not brushing on to much activator or adding activator when the gel has dried because it will leave the nail tacky (to fix that just repeat the step again). Repeat this step 2-3 times to desired strength. 

Easy enough right! here are my results

My nails lasted a good while until I took then off but they were very strong. I did make a minor boo boo on my ring finger I didn't buff the smile line down enough. They are pretty easy to take off I unfortunately took them off only 4 days of having them due to my basketball game. I clipped the tips and soaked them in a little bit of pure acetone and they just melted off. I am definitely going to use this again!

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