Sunday, October 10, 2010

Carrying Case

I travel with my nail polish stuff all the time to peoples houses, work and back home. At one point in the beginning of my obsession I use to be able to fit all my supplies and nail polishes in this Caboodles carrying case i got from Target. It had many side pockets and a place to put my strippers, dotting tools and brushes so it was perfect. After about a month nothing ever fit anymore so it was time to look for another carrying case. I searched high and low and I could not find something that would work for me till I came across The O.P.I. Train Case. I had seen this online so I was determined to find it. I searched on amazon, google shopping and I finally found it on eBay by 2 different buyers I of course bought the cheaper listing. Here is what i used before and after....

I didn't have for long that's why the tag is still on it I'm debating
on keeping it or returning it.

I use to fit almost 50 polishes in here as well as my konad plates, implements, nails wheels ect..
There is 7 expandable side pockets, 4 pen like pockets and 2 elastic bands where you could hold top coats.

Here is the top lids I kept my stripers on the right where the bands are wider
 and dotting tool/brushes on the left.

Here is the beautiful OPI train case!! I love the design!
This train case has to compartments

The top has 32 compartments for polishes. It fits all size polishes I of course fit more then 32 by putting my strippers upside down and I fit 3 in each slot.
The bottom is divided in 3 sections. They are very wide and spacious I can fit all my tools and supplies without a problem.

I absolutely love this train case one negative thing is that after its loaded it is extremely heavy so I might just keep the smaller Caboodles one to take when I don't need that much stuff. Ok till next time!

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  1. were did you get this opi traincase???? i love it and want it