Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nail Polish Rack!

So my nail polish collection grew drastically over the past couple of months. I use to be able to keep my nail polishes in makeup bags but not they wont even fit on a counter top or drawer. I did some research and the best thing to keep them together and organized is by getting a nail polish rack. I found a bunch of them online but they were pretty pricey as well as a lot of them need to be mounted to the wall. For any other person that wouldn't be a problem but in my case that would be very unsafe to store them. I have really thin walls and 90 polishes on the wall is asking for a disaster. So I decided to get a nail polish rack that sits on a table but yet again they were pricey and didn't hold that many. I then continued my research and saw that you could use a spice rack for nail polishes. I went to my local Marshalls and picked up a spice rack for $4.99 took it some added some cardboard and decorated it. This is the final product which I am really happy with managed to more then half of my collection for cheap!

67 Nail polishes!!!!!!