Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 10 Gradient

Hello ladies today I am a little late to post my Day 10 mani because I was getting my giveaway together so I posted that first since I've been promising it for a couple weeks now. I was pretty stuck on what colors I was going to use for my gradient. Then after looking at my swatch wheels I noticed I have a lot of blue holo polish. So I tried a out a bunch of colors together in a swatch wheel and finally found 2 that looked good together but I needed a 3rd color. Then I figured id mix up a 3rd color. For this mani I used Glitter gal marine blue, China glaze DV8 and the 3rd color was a mix of DV8 and GR8 and lastly I finished it off with a coat of OPI Whats Dune?

I couldn't get good pictures of the holoness since it was night time by the time I took photos of it. I am pretty content with this one just wish I had a better 3rd color that went along with the other 2. I'm probably gonna keep this mani and add a design over it like fish scales since it reminds me of a mermaids tail. Thank for reading ladies.


  1. i like that its not a huge change in color, they flow well togetherr

  2. Wow they look amazing!!! Great job!


  3. This gradient is gorgeous looks like ocean water.

  4. You're so talented!

    Fabulous blog doll, keep up the good work!

  5. I love the colors you chose!!
    Great mani!