Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6 violet China Glaze LOL

Hello Ladies we are now on Day 6 Violet I had a tough time with picking a color for this one because I wasn't sure what color qualifies as Violet but I was like what the heck ill just pick any purple Ive been wanting to use. About a  month ago a went dusty hunting and found 3 brand new bottles of China Glaze LOL!!! I gave 2 away and kept one and haven't use it can you believe that!! LOL went on smooth in 2 coat with no basecoat because Ive read that its pretty hard to apply with the wrong basecoat so I just skipped it.

I love this color but then I got an idea what would a holo polish look like with a flakie on top? I had to give it a try so I went ahead and added Nfu Oh #51 and look AWESOME the pictures does not do it justice!

Hope you guys like this combination I just wish I could capture how beautiful it actually is. 


  1. Drooolll! How could you fit so much Awesomeness into one post?!
    Btw, I mentioned you in my blog post today. <3

  2. LOL is so great! I so wish ChG would re-do these like they did Wizard of Ooohs (Tronica doesn't count).