Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 21 Mani inspired by a Color

Today I was searching for the Wet N Wild On the prowl collection when I seen this beautiful scarf and I just love the color and I went home without the scarf because I was broke so next best thing was to go home an paint my nails that same color. It was pretty hard since I forgot to get a picture of it but I managed to find a similar color OPI I eat mainely lobster. It went on smooth in 2 coats I was unable to capture the gold shimmer in it.

I love this color! I always fall in love with pink with a gold shimmer in. What color can you not resist to buy and wear no matter how many you have?


  1. It's a very happy pink! I can't say no to purple, like...ever.

  2. This color is amazing!! I was super confused to what to do on this theme. "Inspired by Color" just had my brain boggled. Now I knew what it meant because of this post!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!!!

    Krishten: I didnt know what it meant either but I just figured see a color you like and try to do a mani to match.