Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 9 Rainbow

Hello ladies this challenge is starting to get more exciting I wanted to do something really cool with this one but unfortunately I didn't have much time since Im in training at work and it doesn't leave much time for nails. So I did something I little more simple and quick. I used one of my new polish Jesse's girl Girls night out from JulieG collection and painted my nails except my ring finger. On my ring finger I applied some top coat and began to fill my nails with rhinestones in the colors of the rainbow. 

3 coats of Girls night out

I am not fully content with this mani but its the best I could do with the time I had. I wish I would've used the smaller rhinestone. What do you ladies do when your not completely happy with your mani and its late at night? Do you take it off and go the next day with naked nail or keep till you can do something better?


  1. Love the rainbow! I usually just leave my nails alone late at night--sometimes things don't seem so bad in the morning.

  2. What a brilliant mani!! I love it! Great job!


  3. Loving the ring finger! You did so great with this challenge day!

  4. I like this! It's a creative way to get the rainbow in and the base color on the rest of your nails is really pretty.

  5. Oh, this is really cool! I tend to leave it alone to see if I like my mani the next day.